Call for papers

FOCLASA 2008 is a satellite workshop of the 35th International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming (ICALP'08). The workshop will be held on July 13th, 2008. The workshop tries to provide a venue where researchers and practitioners on the topics above can meet, exchange ideas and problems, identify some of the key and fundamental issues related to coordination languages and software architecture, and explore together and disseminate solutions.

FOCLASA 2008 invites the submission of technical papers in any of the topics of interest and areas listed below. Submissions must describe authors' original research work and their results. Description of work-in-progress is also encouraged. The contributions should not exceed 15 pages formatted according to the style of the Electronic Notes on Theoretical Computer Science (ENTCS), and should be submitted as PostScript (PS) or Portable Document Format (PDF) files using the submission link.

All submissions will be reviewed by an international program committee that will select them for presentation in the workshop. Selected papers will be available through the workshop website, and a printed version of the proceedings will be distributed among participants during the workshop. The proceedings of the workshop will be published in Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science (ENTCS).

Participants will make a presentation of their papers (about twenty or twenty five minutes maximum), followed by a five to ten minutes round of questions and discussion on participants' work. The workshop will also include a closing panel in which several issues related to the topics of the workshop and some issues raised during the workshop will be discussed. The Panel Chair will invite the panelists and moderate the debate.

The publication of a special issue on FOCLASA 2008 in an international scientific journal is also being prepared. Selected participants will be invited to submit an extended version of their papers after the workshop. These extended versions will be reviewed by an international program committee, which will decide on their final publication on the special issue. Previous editions of FOCLASA have been published on Fundamenta Informaticae and Science of Computer Programming.

Topics of interest

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Theoretical models (coordination, component and service composition, concurrency, semantics, expressiveness)
  • Specification, refinement, and analysis of software systems (architectures, patterns and styles, verification of functional and non-functional properties)
  • Languages for interaction, coordination, architectures, and interface definition (implementation, interoperability, heterogeneity)
  • Dynamic software architectures (mobile agents, self-organizing/adaptive/reconfigurable systems)
  • Tools and environments for the development of applications.

In particular, practice, experience and methodologies from the following areas are solicited as well:

  • Web Services
  • Multi-agent systems
  • Peer-to-peer systems
  • Grid computing
  • Component- based systems

Past editions

  • FOCLASA 2007 A satellite workshop of Concur 2007, Lisbon (Portugal)
    Proceedings to appear in ENTCS
    Special issue to appear in Science of Computer Programming, Elsevier
  • FOCLASA 2006 A satellite workshop of Concur 2006, Bonn (Germany)
    Proceedings in ENTCS, vol. 175(2), 2007
    Special issue to appear in Science of Computer Programming, Elsevier
  • FOCLASA 2005 A satellite workshop of Concur 2005, San Francisco (USA)
    Proceedings in ENTCS, vol. 154(1), 2006
    Special issue in Science of Computer Programming, vol. 66(2), Elsevier, 2007
  • FOCLASA 2004 A satellite workshop of Concur 2004, London (United Kingdom)
    Proceedings in ENTCS, vol. 180(2), 2007
  • FOCLASA 2003 A satellite workshop of Concur 2003, Marseille (France)
    Proceedings in ENTCS, vol. 97, 2004
    Special issue in Science of Computer Programming, vol. 61(2), Elsevier, 2006
  • FOCLASA 2002 A satellite workshop of Concur 2002, Brno (Czech Republic)
    Proceedings in ENTCS, vol. 68(3), 2003
    Special issue in Fundamenta Informaticae, vol 73(4), IOSPress, 2006